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“I enjoyed being able to complete the course at home, but still having a classroom experience. The quiz process is helpful!”

Prepare for your CAIB exam with all the convenience of an online course combined with the guidance and attention a teacher brings to traditional, in-person classes.

Live online classes with teachers to answer all your questions when you have them, when you need them.

“Flashcards, Follow-Along Notes, Virtual Classroom Content, and Recorded Classes – all of it was excellent!”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve said it multiple times now, but I absolutely love the set up. The quiz is a great idea to make sure everyone is on track!”

Ensure your success in your Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) and Fundamentals of Insurance designation exams by taking our dual track online course: Students attend a weekly, facilitator-led virtual classroom session and also have 24/7 access to the student portal filled with guided study materials, activities, and assessments, that support a multitude of learning types and abilities.

Our courses are designed for people brand new to the industry or insurance professionals who want to further their career — without having to interrupt their lives with the time, travel, and expenses associated with in-person classes.

2021 Courses

In order to get your full Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker certification, all four of the CAIB courses must be completed and successfully passed. The courses can be done in any order.

The Fundamentals of Insurance is a great pre-licensing study course for starting your insurance career. This entry level course is for individuals with little or no experience in the insurance industry and helps meet the Level 1 Licence requirements.

Our live prep courses run weekly for 9 weeks.


General Insurance

CAIB 1 is for driven individuals who are interested in a career within the insurance industry and want to get their toes wet with an introduction to insurance concepts, and basics of fire insurance.


Commercial Insurance

CAIB 2 is for the insurance professional stepping into the world of Commercial Property Insurance covering topics such as underwriting commercial property insurance, crime insurance and business interruption insurance.


Commercial Insurance

CAIB 3 is for the insurance professional continuing their grasp of Commercial Property Insurance and focusing on exposure identification and the Canadian legal system as it relates to general liability.


Brokerage Management

CAIB 4 is for the insurance professional interested in the leadership role of managing a brokerage, covering topics such as principles of management and organization and concerns of modern Canadian property.

Fundamentals of Insurance

Completing Fundamentals of Insurance will kick-start your career in the insurance industry and get you well on your way to becoming a trusted and knowledgeable advisor.

4 Month Flex Prep Courses

Our Flex Prep Course gives independent learners 4 months of access to our online library of recorded classes, quizzes, practice midterms and finals as well as all the other learning materials we offer: follow-along notes, graphical organizers, flash cards, and more.


How it works

Sign into your Student Portal

Access your course lessons, guided study materials, flash cards, practice quizzes and exams, earlier class recordings and more.

Join the Virtual Classroom

Each week join our live sessions from any device: computer, tablet, or even cell phone.

Take full advantage of your virtual classes by interacting with and discussing insurance topics with your peers and facilitator to clarify and solidify understanding.

Learn, Ask, Interact, and Succeed!

Receive a weekly virtual class reminder with a direct link to the virtual class and sign in.

Once in, you can:

  • Ask the facilitator questions through chat or microphone
  • Interact with your peers
  • Apply and assess your knowledge through in-class quizzes
  • See class poll results
  • Anonymously answer polls to let the facilitator know your understanding of the material

Why choose us

Our “Students First” Course Design

Our educators put our students at the center of how we design our courses. We adapt to what they need through questions in class, and we work hard to provide learning material that will benefit each learning style and ability. We recognize that our students are insurance professionals who want to further their career, and we want to support them on this path to professional development.

Supportive Classes and Facilitators

Students are encouraged to ask the facilitator questions during the virtual class to make the most out of their online course. Through polls and questions, the facilitator will identify where students are struggling and will focus the lesson on that specific concept to ensure understanding.

Practice the Concepts

Students can choose from a multitude of guided study materials to practice insurance concepts: participating in the virtual classroom, completing activities, using the guided notes during class, completing quizzes, and more.

Use Education-Designed Study Tools

Students have access to study tools that our educators have personally researched, selected, tested, and adapted, with your learning in mind. It is our goal to support as many different.

Our Pass Guarantee

Students must take their exam within 30 days of completing their course. If you take our course and do not pass the final exam you can take the next sitting of the same course free of charge. Students are responsible for paying the exam rewrite fee.

See our Terms and Conditions for details.

Our study tools


Our flashcards can be used digitally or can be printed into a paper format. They can also be used on your computer, tablet, or phone, with or without an internet connection.

Follow-Along Notes

This is a fill-in-the-blank-style of study tool where students can ‘follow-along’ with the facilitator during class and fill in the key information. This tool can also be used as a self-testing and/or review worksheet.

Practice Quizzes, Midterms, and Finals

Polls and practice quizzes are sprinkled throughout the virtual classroom and the student portal. The results indicate to both the facilitator and the students which topics need more attention and practice and which do not.

Virtual Classroom Content

This is a PDF companion to the same material that the facilitator uses with space to take additional notes. This tool can be used digitally or in a paper format as a review tool.

Recorded Classroom Video

Every class is recorded, edited, and then uploaded to the student portal within 72 hours of the class’ completion. This tool can be used for review and as a companion to use with the other study materials.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Live and Online courses, or our student portal and learning resources please get in touch.