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CAIB Q&A Study Sessions for 2018

At Ensure we offer a Q&A Review Session Package comprised of three (3) one hour virtual classes that allow students the opportunity to submit questions to the facilitator that will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can also submit a request for an overviews of specific topics. These sessions are focused on the students.

CAIB 2 – Wednesdays August 22, 29 and September 5

CAIB 3 – Thursdays August 23, 30 and September 6

CAIB 4 – Tuesdays August 21, 28 and September 4


At the end of the study sessions students will feel more confident in the areas they initially had concern in. Students will take their learning into their own hands by submitting questions prior to class and discussing topics during class in order to ensure their success on their designation exam.

What's included

  • Three study sessions in our virtual classroom lead by an Ensure Training & Education facilitator. Take full advantage of the combined knowledge of your facilitator and peers by asking questions and getting answers: it’s your show!
  • Email and in-class support from your facilitator.

What's not included

  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbook. Ensure students are expected to be reading and studying their textbook and can bring any questions to class. Classes focus more on some topics than others.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their exams and scheduling their exam dates.

Purchase textbooks and exams

Benefits of having a CAIB certification

Allows CAIB certification holders to increase their business confidence, credibility, and competence, by gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry.

Allows prospective insurance agents to establish themselves as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor.

CAIB 2 – Wednesdays August 22, 29 and September 5

CAIB 3 – Thursdays August 23, 30 and September 6

CAIB 4 – Tuesdays August 21, 28 and September 4




Course Dates & Times

CAIB 2: Wednesdays August 22nd, 29th and September 5th

CAIB 3: Thursdays August 23rd, 30th and September 6th

CAIB 4: Tuesdays August 21st, 28th and September 4th


This is a group Q&A review session which runs one weeknight per week. Classes start at 6pm PST. Each class is 2.5 hours long with two coffee breaks. Questions can be asked anytime during the class!

Other courses


Commercial Insurance

CAIB 2 is for the insurance professional stepping into the world of Commercial Property Insurance covering topics such as underwriting commercial property insurance, crime insurance and business interruption insurance.


Commercial Insurance

CAIB 3 is for the insurance professional continuing their grasp of Commercial Property Insurance and focusing on exposure identification and the Canadian legal system as it relates to general liability.


Brokerage Insurance

CAIB 4 is for the insurance professional interested in the leadership role of managing a brokerage, covering topics such as principles of management and organization and concerns of modern Canadian property.

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