Welcome to your last assignment for Ensure Training!

This is going to be short and sweet: 5 minutes!

  • As educators, we want to always be learning and improving, which means we need your opinion!
  • We would like your permission to use quotes from what you have written in this evaluation for social media and for our website.  If you do not want your name to be published, please write your CAIB class.
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Ensure Training & Education

Name (Or Type Anonymous)
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Which Course Did You Take?
What were the study materials that you tried?  Which worked best for you and why?

- Flashcards
- Follow-Along Notes
- Virtual Classroom Content Notes
- Recorded Classes

What did you like or what were you impressed by while taking this course and why?
What do you think could be improved upon?  In either the virtual classroom or the offline course content in your student portal?
Is there a program or application that you know of that would be a good addition to the study materials we provide?  Is there another method of study that you know about that we may want to try out?
Do you think that the chapter quizzes should be longer than 5-6 questions?  Or do you think that we should have more than one quiz offered per chapter?

You're done!

This has been a wild ride and we appreciate all of your hard work, participation, ideas, and your choice to do your online prep course with us.

Good luck on your designation exam!

The Ensure Training & Education Team