Welcome Fundamentals students,

  We are committed to your success on your Fundamentals exam. This is the reason for Ensure’s dual track course, which provides students the best of both worlds: a virtual classroom where students can engage directly with the facilitator, and a student portal that offers an abundance of self-serve educator-created study materials. Our tools support students with different learning preferences and abilities, even those who have not set foot in "school" for some time.

  The following quiz is gives you a more detailed look around the student portal and how to use the virtual classroom. Once you complete this quiz, you will receive your username and password within 36 hours and you can start exploring! Additionally, you will receive a copy of the quiz with the questions and your answers to keep as a reference document in case you had questions in the future.

  You must answer all of the questions. You will not be allowed to advance to the next question until you answer the current question.

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom,
The Ensure Training & Education Team

First and Last Name
E-Mail that you check regularly to receive weekly links to the classroom.

What course are you taking?

I understand that I am still required to study my textbook.
I understand that the instructor will go over the information on the teaching slides they have been provided with. If I want to go over specific questions or concepts, I will email or speak to Ensure Training and the instructor.
I understand that Ensure Training gives their students the opportunity to ask questions. If I do not ask any questions the facilitator will continue to go over the material they are provided with.
I understand that if I have any feedback, I will contact Ensure Training as soon as possible at info@ensuretraining.ca

You’re done!

  Please check your email for a copy of all of your answers to the questions. If you have any issues signing in please check this email for the answers or email us at support@ensuretraining.ca

  Once you log into the student portal, ensure that you are registered in the correct course. It is always a good idea to test your device’s microphone and speakers to see how loud and clear the sound is. If the audio is not clear, it would be prudent to have a set of headphones available for the virtual class.

See you soon!
The Ensure Training & Education Team