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Ensure Training & Education provides online prep-courses that combines the traditional classroom (your virtual classroom) and the online education movement (your student portal). The following questions will have information that is pertinent to your understanding of how the Ensure Training & Education courses work. Videos are provided, and, although you are not required to watch, they do have great information for you. You will be emailed the information so that you can continue to refer to it throughout the course.


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How Will the Online Course Work?

Your lessons and other study materials are available to you through the student portal.  Use any of them as you see fit! See what works best with your learning style.  If you have an idea of a different type of learning guide that you would like to see in our student portal, please let us know!

Recordings of your class will be available online within 48 hours of the class date.
Devices, devices, devices!

Ensure Training & Education’s online courses allow students to access the Student Portal and the Virtual Classroom from any device from a laptop, to a desktop, to a tablet/iPad, or an iPhone/Android. We do suggest a device with a larger screen for better viewing of the class

If you are choosing to view the Virtual Classroom on a phone or tablet, you will need to go to your app store and download the Go To Training app, as well as the Google Drive, and Google Slides app.

You are able to sign into your Virtual Classroom from a number of devices including laptop or desktop, phone (apple or android), or tablet.
If you are using a work computer to sign into the class, please check with your IT department that you have permissions to download programs to the computer. Work devices often have firewalls and other safety programs which block downloading of programs, and thus the downloading of the Virtual Classroom program.

Reference Links:
- Click here for a check to see if your system can run the Virtual Classroom: 
- Click here for more info on using your mobile device:
The Importance of your Textbook:

Ensure courses are designed as a walkthrough of the course you are signed up for. While we have done the best to provide details, examples, and discussion in both the Virtual Classroom and the Student Portal, it would be impossible to cover every detail from the textbook. Therefore you must understand that not every concept in the textbook will be covered in-depth. It is your responsibility as a student to read and study the textbook in conjunction with our prep course.

Ensure’s facilitators welcome any questions that students may have. If students are feeling reluctant to speak during the Virtual Classes, there is also a chat box where students can communicate via chat with the facilitator and the rest of the students.
How Will the Online Course Work?

b. Ensure Training: Two Components

Your Ensure Training & Education course has two components:

1. A Virtual Classroom Class which is once per week with live facilitation. The Virtual Classroom allows you to speak and interact directly with the facilitator as well as your classmates.

- Each week you will receive an e-mail reminder with a link to join the Virtual Classroom. Within that e-mail will be links which you can use to test your audio, your internet connection, and your device’s compatibility before class starts.

- Sign into the virtual classroom at least 10 minutes prior to class to allow for time to connect to the classroom and, should there be any hiccups, you have time to contact Ensure Training and ask for help.
Signing into your Virtual Classroom: (Video)

Especially for your first class, we suggest you attempt to sign in at least 15 minutes prior to class just in case you need to reach out to us due to issues that may arise. Class will begin at the designated time.

Should this method not work for you:
- After registering for the Virtual Classroom, you will receive a confirmation e-mail each week with the link to the class. In the e-mail there is also a 9-digit Training ID Number.
- Go to http://www.gotomeeting.com/training/join-training
- Enter the 9-Digit Training ID Number and your e-mail into the provided fields and then click “join training.”

If you are still having issues signing into the class:
- E-Mail us at denise@ensuretraining.ca, or michael@ensuretraining.ca
- Please make sure that you have tried both of the above methods to enter the class. However, try not to stress too much as each and every one of the classes is recorded and the recordings are available to you through your Student Portal within 48 hours.
Study Materials

Ensure Training & Education provides our students with a multitude of study material in order to give them every opportunity to succeed on their designation exam:


Our courses are designed by educators with student learning in mind. We know that not everyone learns the same way. There are kinaesthetic learners, auditory learners, and visual learners. Often, students are a mixture of two or all three, in varying degrees. Each of the following will be available to you for each of your course’s chapters:

- Insurance Graphic Organizers contain added information not necessarily focused on during the virtual classroom. Students have the opportunity to look at this downloadable document, read the slides, answer a question, and then either submit the answer to the facilitator or discuss it during the next class. The insurance graphic organizer information from the previous week will be discussed the following week.

- Flashcards have been created for your use, and they are password protected. You will be given the password for each chapter’s flashcards in the Course Content section of this course. The flashcards can be used online and offline if you download the program onto your tablet or phone. Additionally, the flashcards can be downloaded and printed for those who prefer to feel and touch their cards.

- Follow-Along Notes is a PDF you can download and use either digitally or print and use physically if students print out the slides during the virtual class. These notes contain blank spaces for students to fill in during class. As a study material, this document can also act as a quiz or a review for your designation exam.

- The Virtual Classroom Content is a copy of the slides that the facilitator will be referencing during the virtual classroom. These can be used digitally or physically if students wish to print out the slides and take notes.

- All virtual classes will be recorded. Within 48 hours the recording will be available to students through your student portal in the “Course Content” section of your course. These recordings are available to you online, although you will not be able to download the material. These videos can be used to review material and are especially useful to auditory learners who can play the video in the background while they continue on with other tasks.
You Have A Say!

To be an educator is to be constantly researching, learning, and implementing. That being said, we want to hear your comments on how we can improve our courses. How can we be student-centered if we don’t listen to the students? Anytime you have a suggestion, even if it is mid-course, or mid-class, please let us know!

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